Robot technology used in a new way

Innovation using existing technology Sometimes, innovation is taking mature technology and using it for a brand-new application. The first industrial ABB robot was introduced in 1974. When the MultiWrapper was introduced in 2020, it was the first ever robot-based stretch-film wrapping machine for steel and aluminum coils. The MultiWrapper has been awarded the Most Innovative Solution by […]

Ergonomics & sustainability in the steel industry

Lighter, recyclable materials Ergonomics and sustainability can be improved with Lamiflex Lamishield coil body protection!  Lamishield is lightweight and maneuverable: Lamishield’s lightweight nature allows for effortless lifting and positioning. It will reduce the risk of strain or injuries for your workers. Lamishield is recyclable: Unlike wooden boards, Lamishield is entirely recyclable. At the end of […]

Introducing MultiWrapper Analytics

Visualize data from the MultiWrapper for a comprehensive overview of productivity and uptime that makes it easy to identify production loss and improve efficiency. MultiWrapper Analytics is an add-on service to the MultiWrapper coil wrapping solution, based on RS Production® by Good Solutions AB.