Cable & wire drum packaging

Protective packaging for cable and wire drums

The Lamiflex solution for cable and wire drums protects against mechanical damage, UV radiation and is waterproof. It is easy to apply and saves time and labor needed for packing.


The Lamiflex product fits flush between drum flanges and is easily applied by one worker. It is crush resistant to 100 kg/cm3 to offer great mechanical protection as well as protection from UV radiation. Strapped and taped, Lamiflex will also protect your cables or wires from water and moisture during transport or storage.

Better than wood

Lamiflex is a better packaging option than traditional protection with wooden planks. With Lamiflex there is no risk of injury from nails or splinters. The material is easier to handle and makes packing quicker and easier. It is also completely insect resistant, and no pesticides will ever be needed. The board material in Lamiflex is made from low grade wood, paper, plastic and hot melt adhesive.



  • Quick and easy packaging
  • Lightweight material
  • Protects from seawater, moisture and UV radiation
  • Excellent mechanical protection
  • Insect resistant – no pesticides needed

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The Lamiflex packaging materials is made from hardboard, which is produced from pure wood fibers, paper, plastic and hot melt adhesive.


At Lamiflex we strive to operate in a way that is sustainable for people, the environment and the climate, but also enable more sustainable practices in cooperation with customers and end-users.