Protective packaging for the oil & gas industry

Oil & gas speciality packaging

Lamiflex offers packaging materials suitable for different oil & gas specific products and components, such as sand screens, packers, liner hangers, coiled tubing and different downhole tools.

Mechanical protection

The Lamiflex product consists of plastic-laminated hard-board, divided in sections that makes it easy to wrap or fold around items due for transport. It is delivered on pallets, with customizable width. You can specify both the width and the size of sections for a perfect fit to your products. Lamiflex offers excellent protection against mechanical damage and is crush resistant to 100 kg/cm3.

UV and water-proof sealing

Lamiflex also protects your goods from UV-radiation and with taped edges, it is also waterproof. Lamiflex prepares your goods for transport over both land and sea, to its final location.

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The Lamiflex packaging materials is made from hardboard, which is produced from pure wood fibers, paper, plastic and hot melt adhesive.

Stretchwrap film

Our heavy-duty stretchfilm is intended for automated wrapping of steel or aluminum coils or bundles of pipes or bars. They are available with different types of reinforcement and with or without corrosion protection additives.

Recycling concept

The Lamiflex recycling concept ensures proper recycling of Lamiflex plastic packaging materials. It closes the material loop and ensures that we can maintain prices at a lower level even if costs for external raw materials increase.