Packaging materials

Lamiflex offers packaging solutions and packaging materials for heavy and very heavy industrial goods, especially steel and aluminum products that require protection against dents, scratches and corrosion.

Lamistretch - for automated stretchfilm wrapping

Our heavy-duty stretchfilms are intended for automated wrapping of steel or aluminum coils or bundles of pipes or bars. They are available in different widths and lengths, with or without corrosion protection additives.

Lamishield - coil body protection

Lamishield is a foam plastic that provides added protection for the body of the coil mantle and side. The material is strong and durable and absorbs mechanical impact in an excellent way. Lamishield can be used for both manual and automated packaging, is waterproof and fully recyclable.

Lamiedge - for curved edges

Lamiflex coil edge protection options include plastic and carton-based edge protection for transport as well as reusable inner edge protection intended for internal handling and lifting with cranes, C-hooks etc.

Lamiwrap - for manual wrapping

Lamiwrap is made of woven PP plastic, available in different thicknesses, with or without corrosion protection additives. It is used for manual wrapping of steel and aluminum coils or sheets.


Bundles of pipes and bars, or other heavy, rounded goods is well protected during transport and handling by the Lamiflex product.

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Automated packaging gives you increased capacity, consistent quality, better ergonomics and safety for your workers. Our Lamifree financing model makes it easy to get a new machine in place without a capital investment.

Lamiflex recycling

The Lamiflex recycling concept ensures proper recycling of Lamiflex plastic packaging materials. It closes the material loop and ensures that we can maintain prices at a lower level even if costs for external raw materials increase.

Lamifree financing

Implement automation when you need it. We know that getting sign-off on capital investments requires a lot of work and preparation.

Lamifree financing lets you implement automation quicker and easier.