Lamiflex recycling concept

Recycling for better sustainability and pricing

The Lamiflex recycling concept ensures proper recycling of Lamiflex plastic packaging materials. It closes the material loop and ensures that we can maintain prices at a lower level even if costs for external raw materials increase.

The Lamiflex recycling concept

The Lamiflex recycling concept is set-up to ensure proper recycling in a closed loop. The Lamiflex protective packaging materials are applied as usual in your production facility. Once your products have arrived at your end customer and the protective packaging is removed, it is placed in special containers. The discarded packaging material is picked up and brought to a Lamiflex recycling center where it is grinded to a material that is used for production of new Lamiflex products.

Plastic materials are perfect for recycling

Thermoplastics such as polyethylene (PE) and PP are especially suitable for recycling. Using only a small amount of energy the plastic can be grinded, melted and used to manufacture new products. The plastic retains its properties and can be recycled over and over again without deteriorating.

Lamiflex recycling centers

Currently we have recycling centers established in Slovakia and in Germany. New recycling centers are established as needed, based on requests by direct customers and end customers in cooperation. 

Contact your Lamiflex representative for more information.

Products currently covered

Products currently covered by the Lamiflex recycling concept:

  • Coil edge protection products
  • Straight edge protection products
  • Coil body protection products for side, mantle and eye

Recycling partners

In addition to our own recycling centers we we have partnered with  Van Werven, a company that specializes in plastic recycling and supply of recycled plastic raw materials for industrial use. Our recycling partners provide extended geographical reach for our recycling efforts.

Do you want to improve your company's sustainability?

As a Lamiflex customer you can contribute to better sustainability by signing up for the Lamiflex Recycling Concept or for the Reuse Program for Lamiflex board. E-mail us today for all the information you need!