Curved edge protection

Protect edges with plastic or carton-based edge protection that is lightweight and easy to apply.

Plastic coil edge protection for transport and storage

Lamiedge POP is a flexible, lightweight protection, designed for curved edges, such as the outer edge of a steel coil. It is easy to apply and cut to fit any coil size. Lamiflex POP can be used on both convex and concave curves.

For circular edges, such as the inner edge of a steel coil, use Lamiflex PBP which is a plastic ring that is adjustable in size. It protects your coils from damage during transport and transit.

Carton-based coil edge protection

Lamiflex COP is the perfect choice if you prefer carton-based edge protection. Lamiflex COP can be used both on concave and convex edges.

Edge protection for internal handling

Lamiedge DSP is designed to protect the inner coil edge (eye) when coils are lifted and moved within the facility using cranes, C-hooks and other lifting devices. Lamiedge DSP is lightweight and easy to apply and remove. It can be used over and over again.

The Lamiflex recycling concept

Sign up for Lamiflex recycling to provide customers with recycling of Lamiflex PE products! Your end customers collect separates the used plastic PE edge protection which is picked up and brought to a Lamiflex recycling center.

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Coil body protection

Lamishield is a versatile material with excellent durability to protect your goods from dents and scratches. It can be used on the coil side and mantle as well as in the eye.

Stretchwrap film

Our heavy-duty stretchfilm is intended for automated wrapping of steel or aluminum coils or bundles of pipes or bars. They are available with different types of reinforcement and with or without corrosion protection additives.


The MultiWrapper is an automated coil packaging solution designed for coil production lines with high output and high requirements on consistent packaging quality.