Coil wrapping, integrated with the main line

Would you like to have your coil wrapping both automated and fully integrated with your coil production line? If so, you are not alone! Going in to 2024, the inline MultiWrapper is our most requested solution for high volume manufacturing facilities.

The inline MultiWrapper receives coil data from the PLC using Industry 4.0 level 2 communication and will adapt its settings automatically to match the next coil that enters the wrapping. Once wrapping is complete, information is sent back from the MultiWrapper to the PLC and the coil exits the wrapping cell.

Inline robotic wrapping increases both packaging capacity and HSE. For more information, contact your local Lamiflex representative.


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ABB Award: Most Innovative Solution

ABB Robotics have recognized the MultiWrapper as the winner of their Most Innovative Solution award. With the Multiwrapper a complex automation task (stretch-wrapping of coils, through the eye) was broken down into minor tasks, which could more easily be solved. Two robots work in unison for a fully automated wrapping process,...