PushWrapper - entry level coil wrapping automation

Improve your capacity

The PushWrapper is our entry level automation solution for stretchwrapping of coils. It is easily operated by one person and if you need to increase capacity, two operators can manage four machines.

Our Lamifree financing model makes it easy to get a new machine in place without a capital investment.

Improved coil packaging capacity

PushWrapper increases your packaging capacity compared to manual wrapping of coils. One operator can manage two PushWrappers, so it is easy to increase capacity by adding extra PushWrappers as volumes increase.

Reliable coil wrapping with consistent quality

PushWrapper provides consistent and tight wrapping of coils, through the eye, which minimizes air inclusion. Minimal air inclusion is one way to minimize the risk of corrosion. For extra corrosion protection, use Lamistretch Plus or Lamistretch Armour stretchwrap with added VCI.


Lamifree is the Lamiflex financing solution which enables a new coil packaging solution to be implemented in your factory without the need of a capital investment. Your monthly fee will be discounted based on your overall purchase of packaging material. Larger manufacturing facilities may even qualify for a free PushWrapper!

Talk to a packaging automation expert

E-mail us and a local expert will call you to discuss your coil packaging needs.

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