iTube - for tubes & bars

Simplifying stretchfilm wrapping

iTube is a solution for tube and bar packaging with stretchfilm. It is an optimal solution for service centers and mid-size production spaces.

Our Lamifree financing model makes it easy to get a new machine in place without a capital investment.

Automating the heavy packing work

iTube does the heavy part of packing pipes and bars in bundles and makes your packaging line more efficient and ergonomic for your staff. It is adapted to fit your packaging volume and bundle sizes.

iTube can be used with Lamistretch Armour and Lamistretch Plus, with or without corrosion prevention additives.


Get your iTube in place quicker using the Lamiflex financing solution Lamifree. Usually, the decision-making process can be quicker without seeking approval for a capital investments. The monthly Lamifree service fee will be discounted based on your overall purchase of packaging materials.

Talk to a packaging automation expert

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Stretchwrap film

Our heavy-duty stretchfilm is intended for automated wrapping of steel or aluminum coils or bundles of pipes or bars. They are available with different types of reinforcement and with or without corrosion protection additives.


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