Coil packaging

Protective packaging for steel and aluminum coils

We offer a complete packaging solution to protect your coils from mechanical damage and corrosion. Automation improves throughput and provides a high, consistent packaging quality.

Coil corrosion protection

Plastic stretchfilm protects coils from scratches but is also a vital part of corrosion protection. Tight wrapping through the eye minimizes exposure to air humidity and pollutants that contribute to corrosion. Films with the VCI additive provides additional corrosion protection.

Automated stretchfilm wrapping: MultiWrapper

The MultiWrapper is an automated coil packaging solution designed for coil production with high output and high requirements on consistent packaging quality. Each coil is wrapped tightly with stretchfilm, through the eye, to prevent damage and corrosion during transport and storage. The MultiWrapper can be placed either stand-alone or integrated in a line. Patent pending.

Automated stretchfilm wrapping: PushWrapper

The PushWrapper is our entry level automation solution for stretch-film wrapping of coils. It is easily operated by one person and if you need to increase capacity, two operators can manage up to four machines.

Coil edge protection

Protect the inner and outer coil edges from mechanical damage using Lamiflex’ recyclable plastic edge protection products.

Coil body protection

Lamistretch films with VCI protects your coils from corrosion and scratches during transport. For additional protection against mechanical damage, add Lamishield side, mantle and eye protection.

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The Lamiflex recycling concept

Sign up for Lamiflex recycling to provide customers with recycling of Lamiflex PE products! Your end customers collect separates the used plastic PE edge protection which is picked up and brought to a Lamiflex recycling center.