Packaging solutions

Packaging solutions for your heavy and bulky goods.

Coil protective packaging

Packaging materials and solutions for automated stretch-wrapping of steel and aluminum coils. Solutions for both long and short-distance shipping, including corrosion protection. We ship globally from regional distribution centers, to all non-restricted markets.

Tubes, bars and long goods

Packaging solutions for metal tubes, bars and similar heavy goods. Adaptable to standard or order-specific bundle sizes. Automated application for faster and safer processing at the packaging station.

Oil & gas specific packaging

Lamiflex board or stretch-wrap protects your pipelines, separators or cable drums from mechanical damage, corrosion and UV damage during transport. Packaging is sea water resistant once closed with appropriate plastic tape.

Cable drum packaging

Waterproof and UV stable protective packaging for cable drums. Adaptable width to fit flush between flanges with no gap and no waste.

Rollers & cylinders

Specialized packaging solutions for large industrial rollers, cylinders etc. The Lamiflex material can be adapted to specific sizes and shapes if you have specific requirements.

Customized industrial packaging

Interwell is the Lamiflex brand for custom industrial packaging solutions for heavier goods, also in smaller series.

Talk to a packaging expert

Contacts us to discuss your packaging needs and what we can offer.


Automated packaging solutions

Automated packaging gives you increased capacity, consistent quality, better ergonomics and safety for your workers. Our Lamifree financing model makes it easy to get a new machine in place without a capital investment.

Lamiflex recycling concept

The Lamiflex recycling concept ensures proper recycling of Lamiflex plastic packaging materials. It closes the material loop and ensures that we can maintain prices at a lower level even if costs for external raw materials increase.

Packaging materials

Lamiflex offers packaging solutions and packaging materials for heavy and very heavy industrial goods, especially steel and aluminum products that require protection against dents, scratches and corrosion.