References & installation projects

Steel Dynamics MultiWrapper

Butler, Indiana, US

Single-cell MultiWrapper.

MultiWrapper installation, US

Twin-cell MultiWrapper.

Algoma Steel, VCI

“Since switching to Lamiflex Winter Wrap VCI Film, Algoma customer feedback has been very positive.  Today, we ship our steel coils with confidence knowing that our product is securely wrapped in Lamiflex VCI film. Partnering with Lamiflex for corrosion protection and other packaging products for our steel has proven to be an excellent move for our business.”

Acelor Mittal PushWrapper 1 year evaluation

ArcelorMittal had a first PushWrapper installed at the Vanderbiljpark steel mill already in 2021. After positive results during the first year, ArcelorMittal has decided to install another PushWrapper and two MultiWrappers for 2 other production lines on site. They will be installed during 2023.

ABB Award: Most Innovative Solution

ABB Robotics have recognized the MultiWrapper as the winner of their Most Innovative Solution award. With the Multiwrapper a complex automation task (stretch-wrapping of coils, through the eye) was broken down into minor tasks, which could more easily be solved. Two robots work in unison for a fully automated wrapping process, including an automated exchange of the stretch-wrap rolls.

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Stretchwrap film

Our heavy-duty stretchfilm is intended for automated wrapping of steel or aluminum coils or bundles of pipes or bars. They are available with different types of reinforcement and with or without corrosion protection additives.


The MultiWrapper is an automated coil packaging solution designed for coil production lines with high output and high requirements on consistent packaging quality.


The PushWrapper is our entry level automation solution for stretchwrapping of coils. It is easily operated by one person and if you need to increase capacity, two operators can manage four machines.