For people, for the environment and for the climate

At Lamiflex we strive to operate in a way that is sustainable for people, the environment and the climate, but also enable more sustainable practices in cooperation with customers and end-users. Together we can do more.

Our top priority is to minimize plastic waste and maximize recycling of the plastic used in our packaging products. Plastic is exceptionally well suited for recycling as thermoplastics are easy to grind and use as a raw material in new products.


The Lamiflex recycling concept ensures a closed loop where used Lamiflex plastic packaging materials are retrieved from the end customer, brought to our own recycling center where the material is used to manufacture new Lamiflex products. 

Remanufacturing has environmental benefits, but also helps us limit price increases on our products due to escalating prices on virgin raw materials.

Lamiflex recycling centers are established as customers and end customers sign up for the Lamiflex recycling concept. 


The Lamiflex board is a high-quality product the can be used multiple times. Within Europe we offer a reuse program where Lamiflex board is retrieved from the end customer, cleaned and checked for damage before being shipped for reuse.

Reusing existing products is the best way to minimize waste and save both energy and resources.

Manufacturing using PCR plastic

We manufacture products using both PCR plastic from our own recycling centers (edge protection) and PCR plastic sourced from external suppliers (stretchfilm and Lamishield).

The PCR content in our products range from 30% (Lamistretch PCR) to 100% in selected coil edge protection products.

Products produced using PCR are exempt from the special tax on plastic products that has been introduced in several European countries. If you wish to purchase products manufactured using PCR, contact us for more information.

Sustainability goals

Selected goals from our sustainability agenda
  • We want to manufacture all plastic products from recycled material, either via the Lamiflex recycling concept or via supply from recycling partners.
  • We strive to reach a closed recycling loop on 50% of plastic edge protection and Lamishield products by 2024.
  • All company cars will be electrical by year 2024. Airline travel will be reduced by 20% and replaced by railway travel or online meetings. 
Certificates for download (Lamiflex AB)

Do you want to improve your company's sustainability?

As a Lamiflex customer you can contribute to better sustainability by signing up for the Lamiflex Recycling Concept or for the Reuse Program for Lamiflex board. E-mail us today for all the information you need!