Lamifree financing solution

Implement automation when you need it

We know that getting sign-off on capital investments requires a lot of work and preparation. Once you have completed the ROI calculations there is still the wait for a C-level or even board level decision. Your investment may be delayed for another fiscal year – all the while you are missing out on all the benefits of automation.

Lamifree financing lets you implement automation quicker and easier.

No Capex investment

Lamifree is the Lamiflex financing solution which enables a new coil packaging solution to be implemented in your factory without the need of a capital investment. Instead you pay a monthly service fee. Your service fee will be discounted based on your overall purchase of packaging material.

If you have a large-scale production unit, you may even qualify for a free automation solution. 

Scale up - or scale down

With Lamifree, you are free to switch to another automation solution after the contract period. You can scale up to match increased production – or scale down as needed. You do not have to worry about making an investment that can be rendered insufficient or redundant. Lamifree offers full flexibility.

Opt out of ROI calculations and investment approvals

Contact us for more information about Lamifree financing to get the packing automation solution you need in place quicker and with less hassle.

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The MultiWrapper is an automated coil packaging solution designed for coil production lines with high output and high requirements on consistent packaging quality.


The PushWrapper is our entry level automation solution for stretchwrapping of coils. It is easily operated by one person and if you need to increase capacity, two operators can manage four machines.


The Lamiflex packaging solution for pipes, bars and other long goods consists of lightweight, safe materials that is an economical alternative to wooden crates.