Coil Coating Conference 2024, Mumbai

A big thank you to all the delegates who attended the Coil Coating Conference arranged by Steelgroup at Westin Mumbai on 23 April, and who also showed keen interest in Lamiflex’s innovative solutions on coil packaging. We look forward to engaging with you soon!

Tough shipping conditions?

When the going gets tough, we have a solutions on how to protect your coils: Lamistretch Armour + MultiWrapper. Lamistretch Armour is extra strong film for heavy duty handling. It protects steel and aluminum coils from scratches, scuffing and corrosion during handling and transport. MultiWrapper is a robotized wrapping machine that replaces heavy manual labor […]

MultiWrapper at Spartan Steel

Jeremy Graves, Plant Superintendent at Spartan Steel Coating (US) testifies to the benefits of having a MultiWrapper in the facility: Less manual work, tightly wrapped, more appealing coils and less scrapping of packaging materials.


Stretchfilm for steel and aluminum coil wrapping

Lamistretch is one of our most popular packaging materials for heavy steel and aluminum products. Our customers seem to really appreciate all the ways Lamistretch can be tailored to fit their specific requirements. Apart from film of different widths and lengths we supply Lamistretch with features such as: Our packaging experts will help you decide […]

Meet us at EuroBLECH!

We are now at the EuroBLECH expo! Meet us in hall 17 at booth C57 to learn about automated stretch-film coil wrapping, corrosion protection and packaging solutions that are adapted for either local or long-distance transport or for export involving multiple transport modes. Take the opportunity to meet Mats Järpehag, Roland Dufke, Anthony Benharira, Bljerim Sokoli, Marcus Schröder or Thomas Schoppmann and test their […]

ABB Award: Most Innovative Solution

Automated MultiWrapper coil wrapping with robots

ABB Robotics have recognized the MultiWrapper as the winner of their Most Innovative Solution award. With the Multiwrapper a complex automation task (stretch-wrapping of coils, through the eye) was broken down into minor tasks, which could more easily be solved. Two robots work in unison for a fully automated wrapping process, including an automated exchange of […]

Preventing corrosion in steel and aluminum

Corrosion is the enemy of many steel and aluminum producers. By understanding the driving factors behind corrosion, we can better understand how to minimize the problem. Below is a summary from a webinar with Johan Ahlström, RISE Research Institute of Sweden. The webinar was hosted by Lamiflex. To watch the webinar in full, go to What […]

Interwell at Elmia!

When Elmia Subcontractor opens its doors in Jönköping, Sweden on 9th of November our Interwell team will be there! Meet us in booth A03:25 where we will display custom-made packaging solutions for heavy industrial goods. The Interwell material is surprisingly strong and light. It is environmentally friendly and helps cut carbon emissions. We specialize in clever packaging solutions […]

3 good reasons to consider a service contract

Coil wrapping solution for automation

Automated coil wrapping increases capacity, enhances wrapping quality and improves health and safety for workers. If you are in the process of considering more modern packaging practices, you are definitely on the right track. If you hesitate to go forward because of the capital investment needed, you should consider a service contract instead. Implementing automated coil wrapping using […]

Is corrosion your worst enemy?

Watch our webinar Preventing corrosion with Johan Ahlström, from RISE Research Institute – one of the most acclaimed corrosion experts in Sweden. He speaks about the key factors affecting the extent of the corrosion, and how corrosion can be prevented. This webinar is time well spent for anyone working in the steel or aluminum industry, and you can watch […]