PushWrapper installation for WupperMann

Yet another PushWrapper has been installed successfully, this time at the Wuppermann-Group’s production facility in Hungary, which specializes in flat steel products. The PushWrapper will automate stretchfilm wrapping of steel coils in this very modern manufacturing plant.

The video bellow shows the PushWrapper up and running and Wuppermann Hungary’s CEO Mr. Mario Dorfer and Mr. Roland Dufke from Lamiflex inspecting a fully wrapped coil.

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ABB Award: Most Innovative Solution

ABB Robotics have recognized the MultiWrapper as the winner of their Most Innovative Solution award. With the Multiwrapper a complex automation task (stretch-wrapping of coils, through the eye) was broken down into minor tasks, which could more easily be solved. Two robots work in unison for a fully automated wrapping process,...


Lamistretch is one of our most popular packaging materials for heavy steel and aluminum products. Our customers seem to really appreciate all the ways Lamistretch can be tailored to fit their specific requirements. Apart from film of different widths and lengths we supply Lamistretch with features such as: Our packaging...