Introducing MultiWrapper Analytics

Visualize data from the MultiWrapper for a comprehensive overview of productivity and uptime that makes it easy to identify production loss and improve efficiency.

MultiWrapper Analytics is an add-on service to the MultiWrapper coil wrapping solution, based on RS Production® by Good Solutions AB.

  • Real-time data showing number of wrapped coils and any production stops
  • Track production from desktop or smartphone
  • Create custom reports for any data related to the MultiWrapper
  • Receive e-mail reports that summarize each day or shift
  • Detailed follow-up on error causes and frequency
  • Enables fact-based decision-making

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ABB Award: Most Innovative Solution

ABB Robotics have recognized the MultiWrapper as the winner of their Most Innovative Solution award. With the Multiwrapper a complex automation task (stretch-wrapping of coils, through the eye) was broken down into minor tasks, which could more easily be solved. Two robots work in unison for a fully automated wrapping process,...

Twin-station setup to keep up at peak production times

This twin-station setup for coil wrapping was recently installed at a Spartan Steel production facility in the US. Once the wrapping of the first coil is completed, the robots will switch over to wrap the coil loaded in the other cell behind them. This MultiWrapper should be able to keep up...