Coil wrapping, integrated with the main line

Would you like to have your coil wrapping both automated and fully integrated with your coil production line? If so, you are not alone! Going in to 2024, the inline MultiWrapper is our most requested solution for high volume manufacturing facilities. The inline MultiWrapper receives coil data from the PLC using Industry 4.0 level 2 […]

Texarkana first with MultiWrapper inline

At Texarkana Aluminum in Texas, USA, coils enter the wrapping stations by coil car, directly from the production line. The two MultiWrappers receive coil data from the PLC through Industry 4.0, level 2 communication. For additional capacity, one of the MultiWrappers wraps coils at alternating sides of a twin-cell setup. This solution is a huge […]

Tough shipping conditions?

When the going gets tough, we have a solutions on how to protect your coils: Lamistretch Armour + MultiWrapper. Lamistretch Armour is extra strong film for heavy duty handling. It protects steel and aluminum coils from scratches, scuffing and corrosion during handling and transport. MultiWrapper is a robotized wrapping machine that replaces heavy manual labor […]

MultiWrapper at Spartan Steel

Jeremy Graves, Plant Superintendent at Spartan Steel Coating (US) testifies to the benefits of having a MultiWrapper in the facility: Less manual work, tightly wrapped, more appealing coils and less scrapping of packaging materials.

Steel Dynamics MultiWrapper commissioning

Programming of coil wrapping machine

Single-cell MultiWrapper installed in Butler, Indiana, US This is how it’s done! Thank you, Steel Dynamics and the staff at the Butler facility, Indiana, for the excellent preparations that made the installation and commissioning of your MultiWrapper a pleasure. We hope you will enjoy your new coil wrapper! 4 of 5 of the largest producers […]

Robot technology used in a new way

Innovation using existing technology Sometimes, innovation is taking mature technology and using it for a brand-new application. The first industrial ABB robot was introduced in 1974. When the MultiWrapper was introduced in 2020, it was the first ever robot-based stretch-film wrapping machine for steel and aluminum coils. The MultiWrapper has been awarded the Most Innovative Solution by […]

Ergonomics & sustainability in the steel industry

Lighter, recyclable materials Ergonomics and sustainability can be improved with Lamiflex Lamishield coil body protection!  Lamishield is lightweight and maneuverable: Lamishield’s lightweight nature allows for effortless lifting and positioning. It will reduce the risk of strain or injuries for your workers. Lamishield is recyclable: Unlike wooden boards, Lamishield is entirely recyclable. At the end of […]

See our latest MultiWrapper installation

Automated coil wrapper double cell

New US installation! In the US, 4 of 5 of the largest manufacturers are now using MultiWrapper to wrap their coils with stretch-film to protect against corrosion and scuffing. This is our latest installation, completed just recently for one of these companies. Their second MultiWrapper will be installed already in August! The MultiWrapper uses two […]

PushWrapper installation for WupperMann

Yet another PushWrapper has been installed successfully, this time at the Wuppermann-Group’s production facility in Hungary, which specializes in flat steel products. The PushWrapper will automate stretchfilm wrapping of steel coils in this very modern manufacturing plant. The video bellow shows the PushWrapper up and running and Wuppermann Hungary’s CEO Mr. Mario Dorfer and Mr. Roland Dufke from Lamiflex inspecting […]

AISTech 2023

The US steel industry has really welcomed the MultiWrapper! With very short coil wrapping times and a very high degree of automation, this has quickly become our customers’ most popular coil wrapping solution for high volume production sites. Meet us at AISTech in Detroit, 8-10 May, to discuss the best packaging solution for your steel […]