ArcelorMittal Poland at the forefront

ArcelorMittal Poland goes Industry 4.0 with robots and full-on digitalization with large investment in new technology. The company has invested in innovative solutions for automations, such as the Lamiflex MultiWrapper, IoT, big data and AI to optimize production processes. The objective is enhanced productivity but also improvements to safety and ergonomics. Adrian Wisla, application and […]

Preventing white corrosion in aluminum

What is the best way to protect aluminum coils from white corrosion? Aluminum coils are often exported long-distance, through multiple climate zones, something that increases the risk of corrosion. We offer a solution: Lamistretch with VCI + automated coil wrapping. Stretch-film applied tightly and through the coil eye – using either the MultiWrapper or the […]

Coil Coating Conference 2024, Mumbai

A big thank you to all the delegates who attended the Coil Coating Conference arranged by Steelgroup at Westin Mumbai on 23 April, and who also showed keen interest in Lamiflex’s innovative solutions on coil packaging. We look forward to engaging with you soon!

MultiWrapper installed at Novelis, Nacherstedt

We have just installed this MultiWrapper at the Novelis cold rolling aluminium plant in Nachterstedt, Germany, and we could not have asked for better preparations from the Novelis team. All in all, the complete installation was finished within one week. A special thanks to Nils Sonntag, Novelis process engineer, for the perfect project execution! The […]

Coil edge protection – the easy and sustainable way

Coil wrapped using automated coil wrapping solution

Coil edge protection that is easy to apply, recyclable and ergonomic! Lamiedge is a plastic edge protection for both the outer edges of your coils and the eye. The inner ring that protects the coil eye is adaptable for different diameters and snaps into place. The outer edge protection comes as strips so that the […]

More MultiWrappers to ArcelorMittal SA

ArcelorMittal South Africa Africa adds two new MultiWrapper stretch-wrapping machines to their steel mill in Vanderbiljpark, in addition to the two wrapping machines already in place. Nanette Meyer at ArcelorMittal, progress manager at the Cold Mills North:– Our main goal with this project is to increase packaging productivity and to improve safety and ergonomics for our workers. […]

Recognition from a satisfied customer!

Lamiflex has been a supplier to Prabhat Global Colour Coated Pvt. Ltd. since 2018 when the first PushWrapper for automated coil wrapping was introduced at Prabhat. During their recent visit to Prabhat, Mats Järpehag, sales director at the Lamiflex Group and Rakesh Pattanaik, general manager of Lamiflex India, were proud to receive a memento from Prahbat’s managing director Girish […]

Kinder to people, kinder to the environment!

Lamishield coil body protection is lightweight and maneuverable. It allows for effortless lifting and positioning and will reduce the risk of strain or injuries for your workers. Lamishield is recyclable, unlike wooden boards. At the end of its lifespan, it can be repurposed or recycled, reducing waste and minimizing environmental impact. Lamishield can be recycled […]

Coil wrapping, integrated with the main line

Would you like to have your coil wrapping both automated and fully integrated with your coil production line? If so, you are not alone! Going in to 2024, the inline MultiWrapper is our most requested solution for high volume manufacturing facilities. The inline MultiWrapper receives coil data from the PLC using Industry 4.0 level 2 […]

Texarkana first with MultiWrapper inline

At Texarkana Aluminum in Texas, USA, coils enter the wrapping stations by coil car, directly from the production line. The two MultiWrappers receive coil data from the PLC through Industry 4.0, level 2 communication. For additional capacity, one of the MultiWrappers wraps coils at alternating sides of a twin-cell setup. This solution is a huge […]