MultiWrapper System

– High-capacity stretchwrapping

MultiWrapper – High-capacity, quality stretchwrapping for steel and aluminum coils

The MultiWrapper is an automated coil packaging solution designed for sheet metal production facilities with high output and high requirements on consistent packaging quality. Each coil is wrapped tightly with stretch-wrap, through the eye, to prevent corrosion during transport and storage.


Improved coil packaging capacity

The MultiWrapper adds quick and efficient automated coil wrapping to your production line. Not only do the robots work fast on the wrapping itself. They are quick to reposition themselves at the start and end of each sequence. The plastic wrap roll is automatically exchanged for a new one when needed, to avoid unnecessary hold-ups.

With the twin-station MultiWrapper solution, a new coil can be loaded while another is still being wrapped and if needed, adding further packaging material to the coil.

The MultiWrapper can be equipped with extra, ancillary equipment for more efficient loading and handling, to improve packaging capacity even further.

Reliable coil wrapping with consistent quality

The MultiWrapper provides reliable and consistent high-quality wrapping and packaging to keep your products safe from damage during both storage and transport. The result is fewer customer complaints due to transport damage.


Excellent uptime and low maintenance

The MultiWrapper is designed as a low-maintenance solution that can run uninterrupted for long periods of time, with excellent overall uptime. To ensure good availability to replacement components and trained service personnel, we built the MultiWrapper using well proven robot technology with service and support available globally.


Built for the future

The MultiWrapper solution is compatible with Industry 4.0 to enable smart, connected manufacturing with access to real-time production data. The concept is built to be enlarged with other functions in the future.

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MultiWrapper (English, metric)
MultiWrapper (English, imperial)


The MultiWrapper – in details.


  • • Max OD: 86" / 2200 mm
  • • Max width: 90" / 2300 mm (Depending on handling method)
  • • Max weight: 60,000 lbs / 27 tons
  • • Min inner diameter: 19.5" / 500 mm
  • • Film roll spec: OD 10" / 250 mm, flexible width
  • • Wrapping time, standard size coil: approx. 4 min
  • • Compressed air: 24 m3/h at peaks
  • • Requirements: Compressed air 87 psi / 6 bar and electricity 3 phase 63 A.
  • • Coil handling: By overhead crane and/or forklift

No capital investment needed with Lamifree

Lamifree is the Lamiflex financing solution which enables a new coil packaging solution to be implemented in your factory without the need of a capital investment. Your monthly fee will be discounted based on your overall purchase of packaging material. Most large-scale manufacturing facilities qualifies for a free MultiWrapper.

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