Tubes & Bars

Industrial Packaging Solutions for the Tube & Bar Industry

Tubes & Bars – protection against mechanical damage and corrosion during storage and in transit.

The economical alternative to wooden crates.

The Lamiflex Group can offer complementary products such as strapping equipment, tape, reinforced stretchfilm (Lamistretch) as well as aiding devices, from simple packaging stands to complete packaging tables.


Lamiflex Packaging Solution

  • Combination of useful materials which complement one another.
  • Individual packaging solutions solving your specific problems.
  • Co-operative testing and solution research at your plant.
  • Cost reduction by adapted packaging solutions with cost calculation verification.
  • Consultation on modernization of your packaging line.


Preparation of materials to the required size, promt delivery, permanent and professional contact/partners available by phone or in person.


The advantages of Lamiflex solutions for tubes and bars compared to the previous wooden crates with slats and layers of paper and/or plastic wrapping are:

  • Reduces the weight of packaging and therefore the transportation costs.
  • Lamiflex provides a full or partial cover protection against weather conditions during transportation and storage.
  • The material is fully insect resistant, no need for treatment against insects as would be required for wooden crates.
  • Reduction in packaging time and thus in labour costs.
  • No harmful risk from nails or splinters.
  • Quick and easy to wrap and unwrap.
  • Packaging materials can be reused, recycled or easily disposed.


Lamiflex Tubes & bars

Packaging options

Variation in hexagon and square form

Lamiflex Tubes & bars


Industrial Packaging Solutions for the Tube & Bar Industry.

Product specification

  • Depending on application and customer needs, we offer a range of products based on wood, fibre, plastic material, special paper and film, etc. They can be combined with and among each other.
  • Our products are produced according to ISO9002 and ISO 14001.
  • All our solutions are intended to enter the recycling system according to VDI 3319.

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