Oil & Gas Service Industry

Rough environments need tough packaging.

Protecting your greatest assests.

Packaging specialist for the oil & gas service industry.

The Lamiflex Group offers superior product protection and packaging expertise serving the oil and gas service industry.

The Lamiflex product has become the standard for protection of tools within the oil and gas service industry. In a segment where efficient handling, speed and long distance shipping in extreme climates is a daily issue, the Lamiflex solutions offer fast, reliable and safe packaging with excellent industrial protection and scratch resistance.

For offshore use, salt water resistance, UV stability and anti-rust protection in a single wrap is a necessity. As a multiuse and multifunctional packaging product, Lamiflex replaces wood crates, slats and layers of paper and plastic wrapping with generous weight savings. It is ideally suited for completion tools, screens, tube ropes, cables, wire lines, stabilizers and cylinders. Lamiflex is quick and easy to use every time.

Corrosion Protection
Lamistretch is a heavy duty VCI treated stretch film, used for wrapping and corrosion protection. The traditional board based Lamiflex product with anti-corrosion craft paper on the backside makes a perfect combination for mechanical and corrosion protection.

UV and Water Proof Sealing
Seal the traditional Lamiflex board based wrapping product with Lamitape for excellent protection for mechanical impact, as well as UV and water proof protection.

Mechanical Protection
Both the traditional board based wrap and the Lamibox provide very good protection from mechanical impact. Both products are very cost efficient and can easily replace traditional wooden crates or boxes.

Global Sales and Distribution
Lamiflex serves the oilfield service industry through distribution points around the globe including Nyköping, Sweden, Dusseldorf, Germany and Houston, Texas USA.

Manufactured to ISO 9001 and 14001
The Lamiflex manufacturing facilities are certified according to ISO 9001 and 14001.

Product specification

The Lamiflex portfolio for oil & gas packaging solutions:

  • Lamiflex - as a full or part cover protection against all weather conditions during storage
  • Lamiflex - as an excellent packaging solution during transportation
  • Lamitape – UV sustainable and adhesive for tough conditions

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