Packaging solutions for heavy & bulky industrial products

Award-winning MultiWrapper
Wraps a coil in 4 minutes, including automated film roll exchange. Available as a single or twin cell set-up.

Automate your coil wrapping!

The MultiWrapper can wrap a coil of standard size in just 4 minutes – including automated stretch-film roll exchange. Available as a single or twin-cell solution. Ready for smart automation (Industry 4.0).


Increase packing capacity and throughput at the packing station without having to go through the process of requesting a capital investment. With Lamifree, the new machine is paid for with a service fee that is discounted based on how much packaging materials your facility uses. Most large producers pay no service fee = Lamifree.

Coil protective packaging

Ensure your coils reach your customer in prime condition! We offer solutions that fit local or long-distance transport as well as export with where coils are loaded and off-loaded multiple times before they reach the end customer. Special solutions to prevent corrosion.

Tubes, bars & long goods

Packaging solutions for metal tubes, bars and similar heavy goods. Adaptable to standard or order-specific bundle sizes. Solutions for automated application of stretch-film.

We specialize in stretch-film and wrapping materials with additives that prevent corrosion – without leaving surface residue. Automated solutions for steel and aluminum coils.

Corrosion protection

The Lamiflex recycling concept & PCR manufacturing

Plastic products packaging materials are easy to recycle using only a small amount of energy. The Lamiflex recycling concept ensures proper recycling and is suitable where the local recycling infrastructure is insufficient.

Plastic is collected from the end user and brought to a local Lamiflex recycling center where it is grounded and melted to re-usable pellets for production of new packaging material.

We manufacture products using both PCR plastic from our own recycling centers (edge protection and Lamishield) and PCR plastic sourced from external suppliers (stretchfilm and Lamishield).

Right now

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