iCoil System

iCoil – The new generation coil wrapping system. Innovative, fast, easy and flexible.

The iCoil is a new generation of a compact, semiautomatic, through-the-eye wrapping machine for coils. The machinery is installed on the container bottom and is easily movable to new locations. It is designed to follow a “plug and play” method and only needs 3–phase power to operate. This automatic packaging system will allow you to update your packaging system for more efficient operation – without large investments.

The machine is integrated on a 20 ” container size transportable platform.

The portable iCoil can be unloaded from a truck as one entity and easily installed and placed into production within a short period of time.

The concept is based on leasing a machine that is adapted to your packaging volume and coil sizes including a contract for packaging materials.

iCoil provides a complete packing solution for moisture and corrosion protection of coils including:

  • Does not need to be fixated to the floor or require any surrounding systems (conveyers, rails etc).
  • The level of protection for the finished coil can be adjusted by layers of films.
  • Single source supply and capability – Lamiflex is responsible for providing materials, machinery and maintenance support.
  • Suitable for service centers and mid size manufacturing as well as buffer capacity.
  • Possible to upgrade the machine with automatic feeding of mantle- and edge protection as well as a film exchange system.






The portable iCoil is a compact, semi-automatic, through-the-eye wrapping machine for horizontal coils. The machine is integrated on a transportable container platform that is 2440 x 6000 mm.

The portable iCoil can be unloaded from a truck, easily installed and placed into full production in a matter of hours. The machine has semi-automatic functions, which are controlled from a stand alone operator panel.

The system can be enlarged with the addition of coil carriers or other conveying systems to establish a full-automated packaging line.

iCoil Information

  • Capacity, Min Diameter 800mm
  • Capacity, Max Diameter 1800mm
  • Capacity, Min Width 300mm
  • Capacity, Max Width 1800mm
  • Maximum Coil Weight 30 ton
  • Width to Diameter Ratio 1/3
  • Minium Eye Diameter 508 mm
  • Installed electrical power, 13 kW 3-phase 415 VAC, 50 Hz.
  • Wrapping materials: Lamistretch Armour, Lamistretch Plus

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