MultiWrapper – high capacity coil-wrapping.

Our new stretchwrapping solution is designed especially for sheet metal production facilities with high output and a need for a coil packaging system with an above-average capacity and reliable uptime.

Unrivaled coil packaging capacity

The MultiWrapper is an automated stretchwrapping solution with a twin-station set-up meaning loading, wrapping and unloading can run in parallel, bringing the total capacity up to 14 coils/hour. Each coil is wrapped tightly with stretch-wrap, through the eye, to prevent corrosion during transport and storage. The MultiWrapper together with our special developed stretch wrapping material and other coil protection material ensures a high, consistent packaging quality for your products.

Excellent uptime and low maintenance

The MultiWrapper is designed as a low-maintenance solution that can run uninterrupted for long periods of time, with excellent overall uptime. To ensure good availability to replacement components and trained service personnel, we built the MultiWrapper using standard components and technology that is commonly available globally.

Enabling smart manufacturing

The MultiWrapper solution is built on technology that compatible with Industry 4.0 to enable smart, connected manufacturing with access to real-time production data. If, and when you decide to take the step towards smart automation, the MultiWrapper is ready for integration.

Implement automated coil packaging without a capital investment

Lamifree is the Lamiflex financing solution that enables a new coil packaging solution to be implemented in your factory without the need of a capital investment. You can benefit from efficient, high-quality packaging without C-level investment decisions and direct capital investments to other key areas.

For more information about MultiWrapper, contact your Lamiflex sales representative, e-mail or call +46 (0)155 280 260.

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