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The Lamiflex Group

The Lamiflex Group is a world leading supplier of transport packaging solutions mainly in the steel, aluminum and cable industries. Our products include materials, machines, services and process improvements with methods and tools to develop and implement the optimal packaging solution and processes for packing. We provide the market with complete solutions including services for recycling or reuse of products or product systems.

The Lamiflex Group is headquartered in Nyköping Sweden but the group is globally represented by employee based subsidiaries, as well as, exclusive partnerships in many different countries.


Our Mission
– Where we want to go.

Lamiflex has since 1992 taken the global lead on cost efficient packaging solution for heavy industry around the world. Our solutions are focused on reducing the total cost of packaging to a minimum. With that in mind, most of our solutions and systems take a wider scope and help our customers and partners to lower their total cost by including aspects like yield, transportation, recycling, worker safety, branding and cost of packaging personnel.

Our mission is to improve the way that heavy industry is packing their goods globally, and share the gains of these improvements with our customers.


Our Vision
– What we stand for. 

The Lamiflex vision is to continue to be the world leading provider of packaging solutions in our segments. Efficient solutions are good for costs reduction, but also often for personnel and the environment.

Lamiflex will assist our customers to achieve a competitive edge in all of these aspects.

Our Values
– Our core values are Commitment & Creativity.

The Commitment to support and develop our customers, partners and employees. The Creativity to research and develop the optimal solutions based on the prerequisites of our customers and partners.

The Commitment & Creativity to protect and minimize the environmental effects of our manufacturing processes and final products. We are globally large enough to lead the development, but regionally small enough to support all of our customers with personal commitment.

More about our Code of Conducts

Management group

Adrian Robert


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Fredrik Rosenlind

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Sales & Marketing

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Purchasing & Product Development

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Our History

Lamiflex has been in business since the early 1990s. Our heritage shapes the way we do business today. We have grown organically and through acquisition to become the world leading supplier of transport packaging solutions.

Some milestones in Lamiflex history.


Lamiflex AB was founded in Nyköping – Sweden.
Scanpack Ltd in the United Kingdom became a subsidiary.


Lamiflex became ISO 9001 certified and ISO 14001 certification for the group was achieved in 1998.


Lamiflex Board AB was established as a wholesaler specializing in wood based sheet material. The recycling program started in Germany which included our largest customers and companies, primarily from the automotive industry.

Lamiflex Eesti Oy in Estonia was established for the manufacturing of wood based packaging material.


The company Alu-Norf in Germany built a unique coil packaging line based on Lamiflex solutions using stretch film and Lamiflex materials.


Sonag AB, a trading company for wood based sheet material in Sweden, was brought into the Lamiflex Group.


The expansion into North America resulted in the opening of the new subsidiary company, Lamiflex Inc., Houston.

The World Star Packaging Award was given to Lamiflex for the product Lamibox.


A group of private equity owners acquired the Lamiflex Group.

A second production line was opened in Lamiflex Nyköping.


The Lamiflex Group acquired Interwell AB in Mariestad, Sweden, a producer of hardened corrugated cardboard boxes.

Lamiflex Korea Ltd was founded.


Lamiflex Board AB in Norrköping, Sweden sold.


Lamiflex Packaging Sro in Slovakia is founded to produce plastic edgeprotection for customers, mainly in Eastern Europe.


Lamiflex Packtech India Pvt. Ltd. is founded to serve the Indian market with packaging solutions.


Lamibrick AB, Lamiflex Groups company for property management was founded.


Priveq Investment Sweden become new main owner of the Lamiflex Group

Lamiflex Global

Lamiflex is headquartered in Nyköping, 100 km south of Stockholm Sweden. Our largest production facility is in Nyköping, along with R&D, group staff and some international sales.

We are, however, convinced that there is no alternative to a local team if we want to continue to deliver the highest quality and service level in the industry. We always try to work very close to our partner companies in the markets where we are not present. When we establish ourselves in new markets, we make every effort to do it geographically and economically close to our key customers.

We believe that our global experience in combination with our local entrepreneurial drive is a winning combination.

Lamiflex – Sweden

Lamiflex AB is the parent company of the group and also the production site of the product Lamiflex.

Lamiflex production is located in a custom built 8.000 sqm modern facility in the center of Nyköping. The unique production lines were designed in-house and are constantly being upgraded to accommodate the increased demand and the need for new material development. At the moment, Lamiflex runs two production lines for different product thicknesses and versions.
Lamiflex in Nyköping also hosts our product development department.

Contact Details

Lamiflex AB

Gasverksvägen 4-6
SE- 611 35 Nyköping

Tel +46 (0)155-280 260
Fax +46 (0)155-280 270


Interwell – Sweden

Interwell AB is a subsidiary and business unit within the Lamiflex Group. Interwell provides customized solutions for industrial products that reduces our customers overall costs. We have extensive knowledge and a wide selection of materials to create complete and innovative solutions. Our customers cover a wide range of industries from the automative and manufacturing industry to IT / telecom and pharmaceuticals. Interwell has 2500 sqm in Mariestad, Sweden. This production facility has all the equipment to effectively produce complete industrial packaging solutions.

Contact Details

Interwell AB

Norra vägen 16
SE- 542 33 Mariestad

Tel +46 (0)501-70095
Fax +46 (0)501-19180


Lamiflex – Germany

Lamiflex GmbH is a subsidiary of Lamiflex AB. The company is based in Düsseldorf – the heart of the German steel industry. This facility has a staff of nine within sales, distribution and production.

The Lamiflex products are distributed throughout Germany, Austria and Switzerland from the Düsseldorf office, as well as, to neighboring countries. Lamiflex GmbH maintains a supply of our most common sizes but has the capability to customize for our customer’s specific needs. GmbH is supplied by Lamiflex AB twice a week. In the production unit, the products are cut to a specific size, prepared in rolls or on pallets and distributed to the customer in Germany as just-in-time deliveries.

In 1995 Lamiflex GmbH developed the recycling system. It mainly involves steel producers and the automotive industry. Recovered material is sorted, reconditioned and then resold as second grade. This system is expanding to include more of the steel- and aluminum industry and their end user companies outside Germany.

Contact Details

Lamiflex GmbH

Kappeler Straße 126
D-40 599 Düsseldorf

Tel: +49 (0)211 92300-0
Fax: +49 (0)211 92300-33


Lamiflex – Slovakia

Lamiflex Packaging s.r.o. is our production company for plastic edgeprotection. From our factory in Kosice, Slovakia we supply our unique solutions to steel and aluminium producers in Europe.

Contact Details

Lamiflex Packaging s.r.o.

Floriánova 2, 080 01 Prešov
Slovakia (Administration)

Tel: +421 (0) 915 844 294


Hraničná 2, 040 17 Košice
Slovakia (Production)

Lamiflex – USA

Established in January 2004, Lamiflex, Inc. is the youngest company in the Lamiflex Group. The company is located in Houston, Texas and serves as the sales office for North and South America.

In North and South America the word is spreading fast throughout the oilfield service industry, the cable industry and the steel industry about a great alternative to wood packaging called Lamiflex. The requirements are demanding on today’s modern packaging model:

• Cost effectiveness must be in harmony with environmental acceptability
• The safe transport of the packed goods to its destination
• Easy application in order to save time and money!
• Less weight for packaging materials directly translates into less shipping cost
• A professionally finished package with the availability for logo recognition
The goal of Lamiflex is to anticipate and exceed all of our customer’s packaging requirements. We are developing new and innovative packaging solutions for our customers to exceed their economical and environmental expectations of superior packaging methods with ease of application.

We will continue to concentrate on providing our customers with sound and professional advice.

Contact Details

Lamiflex, Inc.

1610 Woodstead Ct. Suite 440
The Woodlands, Texas 77380

Tel: +1 832 251 0200
Fax: +1 832 251 0201


Lamiflex – Korea

Lamiflex Korea Ltd. Busan, is a subsidiary company of Lamiflex AB. The office is located in Busan and the factory and warehouse in Gwangyang.

Contact Details

Lamiflex Korea Ltd.

(Daeyundong, Hyundai-officetel)
#1101, 282, Suyeong-ro, Nam-gu,
Busan, 48499

T +82 (0)51 623 6351
F +82 (0)51 623 6350


1208, Indeok-ro, Gwangyang-eup,
Gwangyang-si, Jeollanam-do, 57729
SOUTH KOREA (Production)

T +82 (0)61 763 3712
F +82 (0)61 763 3711

Lamiflex – India

Lamiflex Packtech India Pvt. Ltd. is a subsidiary in the Lamiflex Group, serving the Indian market with packaging solutions, mainly for the steel- aluminium and cable market.

With an office, warehouse and sales representation in Mumbai, we serve the Indian market with unique products to help our customers solve issues like transportation damage and corrosion.

Contact Details

Lamiflex Packtech India Pvt. Ltd.

Level 13, Platinum Techno Park,
Sector 30A, Plot No 17 & 18, Vashi,
Navi Mumbai- 400705

Tel: +91 (0)22 6181 8433
Fax: +91 (0)22 6121 4952